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GU Soldiers was founded in 2002 by CerPicO in order to bring together those who gamed with Honor, Integrity and Pride at our Peak we had 187 active members we branched out over several different games but always remained a close knit group. GU Soldiers are not just gamers but we actually consider ourselves family be it extended we treat everyone in this Clan/Guild as an equal.

We have a structured Ranking system that follows the Army ranks but as I said before GU belongs to all the members not anyone person. If you want to feel like you are a part of something then GU is the home your looking for.


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We have a ARK Server

by [GU]LIZARD, 17 days ago

Guys I have been playing ARK with Hesh lately. I rented a 50 man server. May increase it to 70 man server. It is unofficial. This game is much like an MMO with awesome graphics. You level up. You build bases. There are sieges against tribes. The map is massive. The game is difficult. You can tame dinosaurs. It is a pretty graphically intense game, however most could run it on lower settings. They constantly update it all the time. I mean sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  There is under water base building, and under water exploration. There is also caves, quest... All of that stuff. So check it out. You can get the game really cheap off of G2A. Just google G2A and search ARK. Its around 10 bucks on there. If you get it off Steam it is 29.99 though it is on sale often. G2A will give you a key you just enter it on steam and get it that way for way cheaper though.

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